Dear Friends,

Every Friday from 3pm till 5pm in the Foundation “The Passion of Life” at 98A Modzelewskiego str. near Warsaw Metro stop Wierzbno, with the Franciscan Brothers, we pray at the chapel of the Centre for the intentions of the Foundation and all those people, whom we are trying to help.

I am cordially inviting you,

s.Jolanta Glapka

Foundation’s Prayer

God, merciful Father

we worship you for your infinite love to every man.

Jesus, Son of God

we worship you for your faithfulness to the will of The Father and the work of The Redemption.

Holy Spirit, Comforter

we worship you for all the holy inspirations which You bestow upon us.

We, the members of the Foundation ‘The Passion of Life’

humbly ask

make us the instruments of Your actions

so we sow

love where there is hatred,

peace, where there is discord,

truth, where there is spreading a lie

goodness, where anyone is being harmed.

So we filled with Thy Spirit

be able to joyfully tell the world about Your charity

and thus discover the passion for life,

which is fully in You.

Mary, Mother of mercy, pray for us!

Siter Josefa Menendez, pray for us!

John Paul II, pray for us!


Prayer to obtain graces through the Sister Josefa

Oh Jesus, who can not resist implorings of any soul,

expectant everything from You,

grant us, we beg You, faith and trust

and the grace to trust in You,

so we can move Your Heart

and thus obtain by Thy omnipotent Goodness

what we humbly beseech, for Thy infinite glory

and to speed-up your Kingdom of Love and Mercy.

Oh Jesus, beloved,

glorify Your heart, giving us grace of

(conversion, healing or other spiritual or temporal goods)

for which we ask through Thy humble servant

Sister Josefa.