Chapter II


§ 7

The goals of the Foundation are as following:

1. Counteracting addictions towards various substances changing consciousness, in particular drugs and others forms of addictions including sex, gambling and the Internet addictions.

2. Bringing comprehensive assistance to people dependent on any substances and behavior changing conciseness and awareness of shaping one’s development; helping in recovery of emotional balance in the closest surrounding, within the family, the workplace and in the social environment.

3. Creating educational programs on the knowledge of emotional disorders, in particular, of the substances and the behavior changing awareness; of the dangers associated with them, and  programs promoting the idea of sobriety and spiritual development, especially among young people.

4. Providing help and developing skills to help others, especially those who have problems with alcohol and drug abuse.

5. Providing help for families in which there is dysfunction, in particular violence under the influence of substances changing consciousness.

6. Counteracting attitudes and practices advocating and encouraging in any form: open or covert the use of the substances changing awareness towards threatening destruction of emotional equilibrium.

7. Taking care of addicts, HIV carriers and sick with AIDS and people with disabilities.

8. Providing care to others in need of temporary assistance for medical and social reasons.

9. Tackling social exclusion and marginalization due to health, social and material reasons.

10. The protection and promotion of health, with particular emphasis on the affirmation of sobriety

11. Conducting activities in the field of health education.

12. Cooperation with state bodies, local government and NGOs and the church, working for the prevention of addictions.

13. Developing contacts and cooperation between social groups in the framework of European and non-European integration.

14. Protecting and promoting mental and spiritual health.

15. Equalising opportunities for training.


§ 8


The Foundation pursues its objectives through:

1. Developing and promoting in children and young people pro-social attitudes.

2. Help young people discover their abilities, passions in life and life goals, and moral standards based on Christian values.

3. Psychotherapeutic support in difficult situations, and especially the assistance in the event of relapse of addiction.

4. Development and maintenance of various facilities to support people in need of assistance.

5. Organizing environments conducive to the development of individual talents and abilities such as: groups, cultural centers …

6. Art therapy for people in danger of becoming drug addicts or drug addicted (the impact of art, music, visual arts, dance).

7. Promotion of artistic achievements of addicts.

8. Integration of operating environments for the socially excluded.

9. Training for those wishing to help and care for addicts.

10. Organizing conferences, scientific sessions, symposia, meetings, readings, lectures, initiate and conduct scientific research and collaboration with relevant institutions in this regard.

11. Organizing exhibitions, shows, promotions, auctions and fairs.

12. Cooperation with scientific, socio-cultural and the local organizations.

13. Running a publishing and journalism business .

14. Taking action for creating jobs and getting the unemployed back to work.

15. Conducting training courses and social adaptation.

16. Keeping socio – therapeutic centers.

17. Conducting prevention of social pathologies and addictions courses in schools.

18. Raising funds for initiatives to combat addictions.

19. Formative action in cooperation with state institutions, the Church and private sector organizations within the range specified for the purposes of the foundation.

20. Cooperation with associations and foundations engaged in similar activities.